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About Us

Compugraphs Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Compugraphs was established in the year 1999 to utilize the huge knowledge base in the information technology and other related fields. The main expertise of the company lies in delivering cost effective, quality-centric and scalable solutions to assist our clients and partners in achieving outstanding business results and generate great returns. The later is the one of the leading talent development company in the world and provides various types of customized solutions in different domains. Since its inception, the company has come a long way and created a niche for itself in the Indian market. It has been credited as one of the pioneers of spreading better solution and best service in India. Today clients of Compugraphs are spread in even the remote areas across the country. Due to its cutting edge services, Compugraphs has gone into alliance with various prestigious organizations.

Why We Are Different

We had a different idea. Our management's number one responsibility is recruiting extremely talented software people, treating them as well as we can and supporting them to do great work.Management's first responsibility is to create an abstraction layer for developers to create the infrastructure so that programmers really just have to program.We are focused on continual learning, training, education and attaining seminars on latest techs.

We never write the same old code again and again; we're not using the same technologies for years rather we update our self to the newest techniques available in the market and we have plenty of time and freedom to learn new things.

A programmer is most productive with a quiet good ambience office, a great computer, an ambient temperature between 18 and 22, no glare on the screen, a seat that's so comfortable, a system in charge who makes the Internet as available as air, a tester to find the bugs they just can't notice, a designer to make the screens look more beautiful, a team of full fledge sales marketing people to make the clients want their products and some experienced managers who help customers get the product working and help the programmers understand what problems are generating.

Professional Support

We provide an issue tracking management system, so any time an issue is raised, it is directly raised by the client, and it is directly linked to the developer so within minimum communication layer the issue can be solved. For each and every issue, we survey the deep cause & root so we can reach the maximum client satisfaction.