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Hotel Automation Solution

Hotel Automation Solution

The Hotel Automation Solution Smartdesk IHS is a great innovation of Compugraphs Softech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. In the year of 2005 with an ambition to fulfill the requirement of a startup range hotels as well as a star ranked hotels. It has been committed to help hoteliers and hospitality industry in every way with an easy and comfortable operational methodology. By the use of it, the hospitality industry gaining its client revenue as well as increasing the client satisfaction level. The easy and faster operational methodology of this application also helps the organization to manage its industrial information updated day to day with a little bit personal effort. The completely GUI based interactive screen helps the operator as well administrative body for easy operation as well as easy understandability of the information. Its android based as well as web based application part creates a new era and gives the client a new level of information generation satisfaction. Smartdesk IHS is a software which is very much utilizable for hotel chains.

Smartdesk Can Manage The Following Segments

Technical & General Features of Smartdesk IHS

Special Features

Smartdesk IHS Usability Domains

NOTE - The specification given in this page subject to change without any prior notice. The software may be added with some new features and may be removed some previous given features as per the market demand. Some features may be optional and subject to the licensing permission of the client.